I am Taylor, a UX Product Designer from Scottsdale.

My most recent work stint was with Willis Towers Watson where I designed for some of its core offerings within their Employee Self Service system like HSA Enrollment, Cost Breakdown, HR information integration that helped streamline the benefits enrollment process. Having worked with the design team, taught me how to balance business goals and engineering constraints as I unrelentingly advocated for the user.

I graduated with Summa Cum Laude (GPA 4.0) from Arizona State University with a Master of Science, in User Experience. With my background, I am proficient in design thinking, user-centered design, interaction design, information architecture, wire-framing and prototyping. I loved the human-centered design methods and processes I learned in school and applied them to my thesis project.

Having visited 15 different countries all over the world and my ability to adjust and adapt to new challenges in life comes from that. Owing to my opportunity to travel the world, I embrace all cultures and utilize my experiences in the designs I create. I am a board game buff and love to come together with friends to play strategy games that challenge me, like Catan and Clank. My other love is food and friends and so I let my tastebuds guide me to new restaurants to share with my loved ones.

Lets Connect!

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